Workplace Gratitude

It’s the season of giving thanks, but that doesn’t have to apply only at home or among close friends.

At work, we sometimes find ourselves getting burned out or feeling unappreciated by the year’s end. And with a series of holidays, vacation time, and other engagements, it can get difficult for employers and managers to stay in touch with the rest of the team.

It’s well worth it to find time to thank your employees and show them just how grateful you are for all their hard work. Not only does it boost company morale, but you’ll find that professionals who feel appreciated are often more motivated to complete their tasks in an efficient and timely manner. So what’s good for them is good for you – and your business!

Free food

No matter the profession or industry, there are few people who will turn down free food – especially when it’s on the boss’s or company’s tab. The holidays present the perfect opportunity to bring in-office lunches or breakfast treats to the workplace to say thanks. Or, you can ditch the theme altogether and leave some donuts or snacks in the breakroom anyway. There doesn’t need to be an occasion for you to thank the staff, or for enjoying some scrumptious eats.

Team outings

Depending on how tightly-knit your staff is, a team outing might be just what your employees need to feel appreciated. By organizing a dinner out, a bowling night, laser tag – whatever you think they’d enjoy, and that your budget will allow – you’re showing your employees that you think they deserve a break and that you want everyone to be on friendly terms both on and off the clock.

Staff input

Sometimes, the best way to show a little professional courtesy is just to listen when someone else has something to contribute. And to make it easier for some of your more introverted colleagues to voice their opinions, you can always set up an anonymous suggestions box in the breakroom or another common area. That way, no one has to approach your desk or raise a hand in the staff meeting to air a concern or general question.

Give kudos

Finally, the most direct way to show your employees that you appreciate them is just to say so. When someone does something well, let him or her know that you saw it and think it’s great. You don’t have to take it a step further and send a shout-out via the office chat tool or in an internal email, but those are always options, too! The main idea is to make sure that the specific employee knows that his or her work matters to everyone in the business, including the boss.

This Thanksgiving, spread the gratitude around the office and watch your employees thrive in a more positive environment! And stay tuned to our blog for more management and training tips to come.