Why you need a Training Plan a Makeover in 2020

It’s that time of year again! All around the country, people have made resolutions to eat healthy, be active, spend less, and sleep more, but makeovers are not just for people! True business leaders should be busy working on overhauling their employee training programs. If you aren’t taking this step, make modernizing your company’s training program a top priority for the new year.  Here are four reasons why you should revamp your employee training program in 2020.

Your training program is too generic.

Trying to design an employee training program that accommodates every employee can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed and going nowhere fast. Usually, when this happens, the training program ends up being generic and stale. It is never beneficial to settle for a standard plan that services every employee. While there will be a few overarching categories that everyone should know, the majority of the employee training program should be position focused. Concentrate on creating a training program for each specific role that gives each employee the tools to succeed in their position. A streamlined and role specific program will provide a clear path to productivity for each employee, regardless of their responsibilities.

Your training program is boring and outdated.

Employee training programs centered on meetings, outdated videos, and PowerPoints are mind-numbing! If this sounds like your program, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. With today’s amazing technology it is easy to find modern software that is effective while still engaging. Look for online training programs that are easy for employees to access and have the content to keep them interested and learning.

Your training program complicates leaning.

The whole point of training programs is to relay fresh knowledge and skills to new and current employees. When designing a new training program, it is essential to include specific job information, rather than pieces of every role that employees may need. Too much information that is not pertinent can leave employees feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Focused information will make it easier for employees to absorb and retain.

Your training program does not have quality tracking capabilities.

Without a superior training tracking system, an updated training program is useless. Ensuring employees are trained properly is crucial, but tracking their progress is the key to success. Conductor’s easy to use tracking system puts all the tools you need to measure employee progress in one easy to access place. With an employee tracking training system such as Conductor, you can easily detect individual training issues, run reports to prove compliance, ensure employees have completed training, and keep your staff motivated. While there are many ways to track employee training, the best way is through digital software. The most efficient and cost-effective is by using Conductor Orchestrated Training.

Revamping your employee training program will be no small feat, however, with superior training software and a steadfast training tracking system, your company and its employees will be on the path to success in 2020. Call us today or fill out the online contact form for a free trial of our employee training tracking software.