Training Employees in Between Summer Vacations

Summertime is usually an employee favorite for time off and vacations, either with the family or as part of a retreat all to one’s self. And if your business is the kind to offer flexible leave time, then your employees are bound to appreciate being able to tailor their season with vacations that best suit them and their schedules!

But there’s always that lull that occurs when someone returns from a long trip, or even just a week away from the office; it can be a real struggle to return to the grind of a normal work day, let alone any kind of training you already had scheduled over the summer. So how can you help keep them on track if they’ve got multiple vacations planned throughout the season?

Offer refreshers

It might sound somewhat tedious in the abstract, but sometimes all you need is a quick jolt to your memory and you have what you need to keep learning something new. When your employee comes back from a vacation, and it’s time to dive back into training modules, give a quick refresher before you begin. This could be verbal, or you could even send a quick email for him or her to review alone. Either way, it just needs to jog your employee’s memory enough to add on the next lesson or skill training.

Encourage detailed notes

While we understand all too well how hard it can be to focus when a vacation is looming on the horizon, we suggest encouraging diligent note-taking during training sessions before an employee takes time off. That way, he or she knows exactly where to find notes and guidelines that will make that much more sense after the break is over. And, since some people retain things better after writing them down, this might be a method of improving overall training results in the long run.

Create study groups

If it works in school, there’s no reason that having a study group at work won’t help employees with their training between summer vacations and trips! Since most of your employees won’t be traveling at the same time, you can try to arrange it so that two or three in a given group are in the office around the same time, the better to help any returning employee pick back up where training left off.

Keep track of progress made

Even if you or your employee aren’t lucky enough to go on any extended vacations this summer, it never hurts to have a reliable way to keep track of what training has been completed and what you still have to get through. This is where Conductor comes in handy! The program includes tracking so you can monitor each individual’s progress as needed.

Don’t stress over the office vacation rotation – get out there and enjoy the summer season knowing you can jump right back into your scheduled training with the help of programs like Conductor!