Tips for hiring and training seasonal employees

If you have a management position in an industry such as tourism, hospitality, service or retail, that responds to seasonal factors, you go through a yearly seasonal hiring and training process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you start searching for your summer hires.

Use social media

If your business has social media accounts—which it should—that’s a great place to post seasonal job openings. It’s safe to assume that most of your potential employees are avid social media users, and the most promising of these future hires are the ones that already follow your Instagram or like your Facebook. They already have a certain level of loyalty and understanding of your business, which makes them a good fit for your staff. You can also reach people who don’t follow your brand by posting a job advertisement. For a relatively small amount of money, like 25 to 50 dollars, you can deliver your job posting to thousands of people that you specifically target based on their demographics, interests and location.

Cast a wide net

A large number of seasonal employees are students who are on break from classes. But there are other demographics that make great seasonal employees, as well. Open up your hiring search to retirees seeking part-time work. These people are generally very reliable and responsible. Plus, it can be easier to retain them from season to season because you don’t have to worry about them moving away.

Specify the timeframe and hours up front

It’s very important to be up front with seasonal status of the available position. People tend to assume that a job is permanent unless stated otherwise. Also include in the job description how many hours an employee is expected to work per week, because this can vary greatly depending on the business.

Start now!

You might not need your seasonal employees until June, but now is when you should start searching for them. Easter weekend is a popular time for students to start their summer job searches, because college students will be back in town and high school students will have extra time on their hands. Post your job openings right away to get on their radar before the long weekend.

Retain them for next summer

If you retain employees from season to season, you won’t have to worry about this whole hiring and training process anymore! Sometimes, you can retain seasonal employees simply by creating a fun work culture. But it helps to offer other incentives like bonuses, raises and promotions. For example, you can instate a policy that mandates returning seasonal employees automatically receive a certain percentage. It’s also appropriate to keep in touch with your best seasonal employees throughout the year.

Train them well

Another way you can retain employees is by investing in their training of not only job-specific skills, but in transferrable skills that they can put on a resume. Many seasonal employees see their position as a means to an end; they want to make money, not build their career. But investing in them proves your respect and earns their loyalty. Depending on your industry, you might need to plan and track their training, in which case you can use tracking software to design and delegate training plans, organize employee information, monitor progress, and create comprehensive reports. If you want to see how Conductor Orchestrating Training software can help you track your  seasonal and full-time employees, download a free trial today!