Three common scenarios that require employee training tracking software

If you occupy a role in upper management or human resources, part of your job entails ensuring all employees are properly trained as well as managing the repercussions if they are not. You and your business will, at some point, encounter one of several scenarios that not only require that all employees meeting training requirements, but that you are able to provide proof of that training. Tracking employee training with powerful software instead of spreadsheets and documents will allow you to navigate these scenarios more smoothly.

In the case of an accident

In certain industries, workplace accidents are inevitable, and they can cause impacts and complications that are potentially damaging to your company. Even if employee negligence or company practices aren’t to blame for such accidents, providing standardized employee training can mitigate the chances of accidents occurring. If an accident does occur, having documented records of that training can protect your employees and your business. If legal issues arise due to an accident, you will be able to prove that your company did everything within its power to ensure that employees were correctly certified and trained to industry standards.

In the case of an audit

Many industries require employees to meet certain training standards as outlined by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA standards require employers to train employees in the safety and health aspects of their job, to   ensure workplaces are free from serious recognized hazards. New employees must complete this training within the first few weeks of being hired, and refresher training must be completed annually. To ensure businesses comply with training standards, OSHA representatives randomly audit companies. If OSHA audits your business, you must be able to provide the inspector all pertinent documentation of written programs as well as training and inspection records. You should be able to quickly access documented training logs, equipment inspection records, safety and health policies, hazard assessment and abatement, and documentation of previous audits and citations.

Employee training tracking software like Conductor allows HR managers to instantly access and print all necessary documentation required during the audit, mitigating the stress of your OSHA inspection. Conductor’s powerful software also makes it easier for employees to stay current on training, because the technology allows managers to sort and filter records and send necessary reminders.

In the case of a dispute

Often, departments within companies must collaborate to complete projects, tasks or goals. This team effort goes much more smoothly when employees are to the same standard in the same best practices. When employees have different levels or types of training, they are more likely to disagree about how a certain task should be handled. Having consistent best practices in place and knowing all employees are trained to the same standards removes any room for interpretation in completing projects and helps employees better collaborate.

No matter how diligently you work to ensure your business runs smoothly, accidents, audits and disputes are likely to occur at some point. Quality software like Conductor that allows you to track, standardize and document employee training allows you to navigate these scenarios more smoothly.