Six New Year’s Resolutions for your Small Business

Just as your resolution to eat more green veggies can lead to a healthier body, resolutions to improve your company’s practices can lead to a more successful business. Keeping these business resolutions through the year, in spite of the major tests to your willpower that you’re bound to experience, will not only inspire success, but it will lessen the blow when you inevitably fall off the kale and broccoli wagon.

Develop company culture

Company culture is your business’s personality, and is defined by the environment in which your employees work and the ethics and goals that your business represents. Culture is key to recruiting and retaining talented, motivated employees, but it is also a quality that must be actively nurtured and developed by you and other members of management. You can create company culture by encouraging inclusiveness, kindness and enthusiasm. Lead by example in promoting company ethics and attitude. Define a mission that your employees can align themselves with, so that they’re not just punching the clock but working towards a larger goal.

Set goals

Use that company mission to set some specific short- and long-term goals. Use the acronym SMART to guide your goal-making. SMART goals are specific (clearly defined), measurable (milestones have been identified), attainable (realistic and manageable), relevant (aligned with your business model and mission), and time-based (given a hard deadline).

Define best practices

First, make sure you’ve outlined the processes and methods that your employees should use to help your company succeed. Then, make sure every person affiliated with your business knows and utilizes these best practices. For specific tasks, outline a clear order of operations that must be followed.

Improve internal communication with digital tools

Good internal communication is crucial to your business’s success. Tools like Slack and Trello can streamline both your communication and workflow organization, regardless of your industry. Just make sure that when you introduce new tools, you give your employees time and training to get comfortable with them. Your efforts will backfire if a percentage of your employees don’t feel confident about adopting and using these new tools.

Improve external communication with internet marketing

It is equally important to communicate your business’s mission to the public as well as your employees, and you can do this most efficiently through internet marketing. Create a professional web presence and use search engine optimization to help your target markets discover you. Make sure your business has a presence on relevant social media platforms and that you — or one of your employees — posts regularly with quality content. No matter your industry, your business will benefit from having a strong, on-brand presence in the digital space.

Adopt technology

New technology and software can transform your company’s workflow, and save you time, money and stress. If you need to ensure employees receive proper training and certification, for example, you can utilize training tracking software to design and delegate training plans, organize employee information, monitor progress, and create comprehensive reports. If you want to see how Conductor Orchestrating Training software can help you achieve your New Year’s business resolutions, download a free trial today!