A Quick Walk Through of Conductor

If your managers are losing their minds trying to manage a business, train employees, and track their progress, it’s time to streamline your process. With a program like Conductor Orchestrating Training, you can quickly create reports requested by surveyors, track employee training efficiently, and, most importantly, help your staff succeed with by helping them stay up-to-date with licenses and certifications. Conductor is easy to use, yet flexible and powerful enough to handle the training needs of even the largest organizations. Keep reading for a quick walk through of Conductor’s superior software and learn why your company needs this today.

Store Information for Each Individual.

Conductor’s profile screen organizes all students’ information. Conductor can also group, sort, and filter thousands employees by common factors identified by you. With Conductor you can also import profile information from an existing database, track modifications, and communicate with students.

Organize training tools.

Conductor’s catalog screen serves many purposes. While assisting with the management of training, it logically organizes all of your training classes, seminars, computer based training modules, licenses, and certifications. The catalog screen provides anything you need to track, from drivers licenses all of the way to liability insurance renewals.

Just like it does for your employees, Conductor creates an easy-to-understand profile for each training item. It sorts these criteria by position and location, making creating training plans for specific groups of students incredibility intuitive.

Create and assign plans.

The compose screen organizes your program even further by grouping training items into course templates, which allows you to assign a complete training plan in one quick step. Set prerequisites within a course to ensure students complete their training in the proper order and set a required score for any exam or assessment. Conductor will compare the required score with actual scores and alert you of any students with deficiencies.

Delegate and track courses.

The simple drag and drop interface of the assign screen allows managers to task each student with a curriculum and extra training as needed. The Conductor course assignment maestro can assign courses to thousands of students based on common factors like position and location. Any item in a student’s curriculum, from professional licenses to certifications and mandatory training, can be tracked and reported. Conductor updates each student’s curriculum, progress and educational history automatically.

Register students for courses.

With a single click, Conductor can place multiple students in a specific class session or move students from one session to another. The software tracks how many seats are still available for each session and alerts you when each one is filled. Say goodbye to unorganized courses and overbooked classes!

Monitor courses and attendance.

Track attendance and scores for classroom training, seminars, licenses, certifications and more with Conductor’s easy-to-use electronic roll and grade book. This tracking software makes giving credit for scheduled and unscheduled training events painless. For electronic training, information is recorded automatically; Conductor compiles all information from the credit screen to update students’ progress, educational history and reports.

Give students access.

Students can easily find their assignments and take computer-based training from any workstation on a company’s network without contacting human resources. The student portal allows individual users to access their current curriculum, plus review and print reports about their educational history and current progress. Conductor monitors and records their sessions, checking to see if any applicable certification or license requirements have been met.

Custom reporting.

One of Conductor’s most amazing features is its ability to produce quick and compliant reports. Providing proof of employees’ professional development history, completion of necessary training certifications and specific class attendance records has never been easier. Conductor provides over 30 reports without the need for software add-ons or manipulating information contained in an external database. The reports are fully customizable for any date ranges, user-defined filter parameters and more, giving you hundreds of options for producing documentation.

The most efficient and cost effective way to track employee training is by using Conductor Orchestrated Training. High quality and innovative software like Conductor puts everything you need in one place. This saves your company a lot of time and puts you and your employees on the road to success. Learn more about Conductor and employee training tracking with our free trial!