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Track Employee Training Programs

Accurate, Auditable, Real-Time Record of your Organization’s Training Data

With Conductor®, Human Resource managers can access, maintain and manage all of their employees training metrics in one location. Conductor’s all-inclusive training software tracks basic human resource data, catalogs training materials, allows managers to assign tasks and serves as an electronic role and grade book. Students may also view their curricula and take computer-based training modules from any workstation on a local area network. Administrators have password-protected access to a centralized database of training records, providing the tools businesses need to standardize their processes.

Standardize Your Business Practices with Conductor®

With Conductor® training software, you will have all of the tools needed to:

  • Quickly create a multitude of reports providing the exact information requested by ISO 9000 surveyors, federal and state licensing agencies and OSHA auditors.
  • Track employee training quickly and conveniently to ensure that your team receives the training necessary to perform efficiently and safely.
  • Help your staff stay up-to-date with their professional licenses, certifications and mandatory training.

Conductor® is easy to use and understand, yet flexible and powerful enough to handle the training administration needs of the largest organizations. The user-interface logically separates the tasks involved in training administration, and the six sections of Conductor® seamlessly work together to integrate and organize training programs.

Store Information for Each Individual

Conductor®’s profile screen organizes all students’ information regardless of their status—full- and part-time to contract staff, volunteers, instructors and more. Unique profiles track common human resource information for each individual. Conductor® can also group, sort and filter thousands employees by common factors identified by you.

Profile Screen Features:

  • Import profile information from an existing database
  • Track profile modifications
  • Selectively view profiles of administrators, instructors and students
  • Set administrative security levels
  • Sort profiles by name or employee number in profile list
  • Quickly search for students by name or employee number
  • Designate students as inactive, without removing their profiles
  • Send e-mail messages to students
  • Store any information in four user-defined fields

Organize your Training Tools

The Catalog screen serves many purposes. While assisting with the management of training—it logically organizes all of your training classes, seminars, computer based training (CBT) modules, licenses and certifications—the Catalog Screen provides anything you need to track, from driver’s licenses all of the way to liability insurance renewals.

Just like it does for your employees, Conductor® creates an easy-to-understand profile for each training item. It sorts these criteria by position and location, making creating training plan and required skill sets targeted for specific groups of students incredibility intuitive.

Catalog Screen Features:

  • Inventory all mandatory and continuing education, licenses, certifications and more
  • Easily organize training items by associated task, media, etc.
  • Quickly create multiple class sessions with date, time, location, instructor and available seats
  • Associate icons to categories for easy visual recognition when building courses
  • Designate credit hours and/or contact hours for catalog items
  • Set recertification time frames for catalog items
  • Quickly search for training items by description
  • Set up Conductor® to launch and track online training
  • Store additional information in four user-defined fields
  • Enter objectives, notes, syllabus, etc. about a catalog item which students may view
  • Track expired class sessions

Create & Assign Training Plans

The Compose screen organizes your program even further by grouping training items into course templates, which allows you to assign a complete training plan in one quick step. Set prerequisites within a course to ensure students complete their training in the proper order and set a required score for any exam or assessment. Conductor® will compare the required score with actual scores and alert you of any students with deficiencies.

Compose Screen Features:

  • Easily create training course templates from items in catalog
  • Flexible setup allows creation of templates based on skill sets, career path and skill gap
  • Easily view and edit existing templates
  • Drag and drop interface with intuitive icon-based flowchart
  • Assign prerequisites to items within a course
  • Set certification levels for test items
  • Quickly view catalog item details within a course

Delegate and Track Student Courses

The simple drag and drop interface of the Assign screen allows managers to task each student with a curriculum and extra training modules or requirements as needed.

Conductor® Course Assignment Maestro can assign courses to thousands of students based on common factors like position and location. Any item in a student’s curriculum, from professional licenses to certifications and mandatory training, can be tracked and reported. Conductor® updates each student’s curriculum, progress and educational history automatically.

Assign Screen Features:

  • Easily assign course templates to students using a drag and drop interface
  • Quickly assign (or delete) courses to groups of students based on user-defined filter parameters
  • Quickly enroll students in specific class sessions
  • Customize curricula with additional items from training catalog
  • View session enrollment on a per student basis
  • Assign prerequisites to courses and items within a curriculum on a per student basis
  • Filter students and catalog items by user-defined filter parameters
  • Set certification levels for tests on a per student basis
  • Quickly view catalog item details within a curriculum
  • View student progress on a catalog item

Register Students for Courses

With a single click, Conductor® can place multiple students in a specific class session or move students from one session to another. The software tracks how many seats are still available for each session and alerts you when each one is filled. Overbooked classes will be a thing of the past.

Enroll Screen Features:

  • Quickly enroll multiple students in specific class sessions
  • Easily switch students between sessions
  • Track number of available seats for each session
  • Filled sessions are closed automatically, preventing overbooking
  • Sort enrolled student list by name or session

Record and Track Scores, Attendance and More

Track attendance and test scores for classroom training, seminars, licenses, certifications and more with Conductor®’s easy-to-use electronic roll and grade book. This tracking software makes giving credit for scheduled and unscheduled training events effortless. For electronic training, information is recorded automatically; Conductor® compiles all information from the Credit screen to update students’ progress, educational history and reports.

Credit Screen Features:

  • View students that have been assigned specific catalog items
  • Credit students for completing/attending assigned catalog items and class sessions
  • Credit students for completing/attending catalog items not previously assigned
  • Track assessment scores and completion dates on a per student basis
  • Set and override recertification dates and required test scores on a per student basis
  • Quickly search for student by name and employee number for recording individual students’ activities
  • Record substitute instructors for class sessions

Student Portal

View Training Plans

Students can easily find their assignments and take computer-based training from any workstation on a company’s network without contacting human resources. The Student portal allows individual users to access their current curriculum, plus review and print reports about their educational history and current progress. Conductor® monitors and records their sessions, checking to see if any applicable certification or license requirements have been met.

Features of the Student Screen:

  • Logon to the system from any workstation on the local area network
  • View and print assigned curriculum, progress, training history and test scores
  • View objectives and notes about catalog items, such as a syllabus or materials list
  • View dates, times, locations, credit hours and instructors for class sessions
  • Run any assigned electronic training
  • Easily enroll in, or change, class sessions by accessing a list of open sessions
  • Easily change class session registration
  • Create a unique password to protect access to important information

Hundreds of Custom Reporting Options

Providing proof of employees’ professional development history, completion of necessary training certifications and specific class attendance records has never been easier. Conductor® provides over 30 reports without the need for software add-ons or manipulating information contained in an external database.

The following reports are fully customizable for any date ranges, user-defined filter parameters and more, giving you hundreds of options for producing documentation.

Student Curriculum Progress
Student Progress Detail
Student Progress Summary
Assigned Items Completed
Assigned Items Pending
Student Curriculum Detail
Student Curriculum Flowchart
Course Flowchart
Course Detail
Recertification Equivalency
Student Listing
Student Summary
Expired Sessions
Category Detail
Item Summary
Profile Revisions
Student Profile
Hire Date Listing
Instructor Class Assignments
Class Roster Listing
Class Sign In Sheet
Recertification Due
Recertification Due by Item
Certificate of Completion

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Maximize the benefit and ROI of your training. Conductor® provides a comprehensive solution to employee training tracking and delivering data as quickly and easily as possible. Quickly produce documentation for OSHA, ISO, JCAHO and HCFA. Conductor® is the most cost effective software purchase you will ever make for tracking employee training.

Countless reputable companies of all industries use Conductor® for tracking their employee training