Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses

Create a healthy company culture

Counter to outward appearances, an employee who is diligently hunched over his or her computer screen is not necessarily a productive employee. Many people accomplish more quality work throughout the day when they take breaks and prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing. As a small business owner, you can encourage this behavior by creating a company culture that emphasizes health and happiness. Stock the break room with healthy, energizing snacks or beverages. Provide your employees with standing desks and hold walking meetings outside. Create comfortable collaboration spaces throughout your office building where employees can convene to share ideas.

Not sure what healthy hack to implement first? Try setting up a ping pong table in an unused office or in the corner of the break room. It’ll bring employees together, which will lead to employee bonding and, hopefully some idea generation.

Use digital tools

Streamline your workflow with powerful digital tools. Here are a few to get your started.


Asana allows you to organize tasks, projects and conversations. Users can be grouped into teams—i.e., sales, marketing, and development—and each user can see assigned project and tasks. All tasks and projects are stored in one place with clear due dates, benchmarks and assignees.

If you just want to give it a try, you can download the free limited plan for 15 people.


Slack is a messenger service that will streamline in-office communication. At its most basic, it is an instant messenger in which employees can chat directly or in groups. You can also create communication channels organized by topic using hashtags. Slack is great for communicating anything from shared ideas to internal office announcements.

Mail Chimp

Email can be one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing, if you utilize a mass-email tool like Mail Chimp. You won’t need graphic design or programming knowledge to employ email marketing because Mail Chimp creates a customizable template for you. It also allows you to segment your email database you can tailor your messaging to fit your audience.

Stay organized with software

Many small business owners must not only ensure their employees are properly trained, but they need to be able to provide evidence of that training when required by an outside entity such as OSHA. With employee training tracking software, you’ll be able to provide that evidence when you need it. Download our free trial today to see how it can help you!