Organizing the Office for Productivity

It’s no secret that when you’re set up for success, you perform better at work and find yourself feeling less stressed and more optimistic throughout the work day. But if you’ve never been a stickler for neatness, or had the freedom to set up your workspace the way you might have liked, how do you even begin to find the right layout for your desktop, let alone the drawers below?

Everyone has different preferences, but there are a few characteristics of a desk that’s organized for success that we think will at least help you get started. From there, you can always rearrange and try out new ideas to get it exactly how you like it, which will in turn make you and your staff much more productive in the long run.

Logic over style

Yes, we know that this is a boring one. But before you can put your own personal flair on your workspace, you need it laid out in a way that makes sense. So, start with the items you use more often than any others. Make sure they’re arranged in a way that enables easy access, without overcrowding you where you need to be able to sit comfortably. Productivity begins with having what you need at your fingertips, so why not organize your space to make it happen?

Adjust your environment

You might not actively think about it during the work day, but little details like the amount of natural light you can see to the temperature in your office can have a major impact on how productive you are. Take a look around and make note of things you’d like to change if you could. While you won’t be able to convert your desk chair into a recliner, or sub out all of the artificial lights for ceiling to floor windows (unless your employer is very generous!), you can make it easier to focus by creating a more positively charged atmosphere for yourself.

Stick to your organizer

Whether it’s by separating out your supplies into their own drawers, or crates, or by an organizer on top of your desk, you need to find some rhyme or reason for how you access all your secondary supplies and important files to which you might need to refer one day. And once you find a method that works for you, the key is to stick with it. Otherwise, you’ll fall right back into the same pattern and lose precious productivity in the process.

At Conductor, we’re all about making the work place work for you. Organize yours to give you the most productive environment possible, and watch you and your staff meet your goals that much sooner.