How to Optimize your Employee Training Tracking Program

What do you get when you combine a human resources director, an OSHA specialist, an office manager, then add in a dash of magic and a lot of expertise? You get Conductor Orchestrating Training, the absolute best computer software for tracking employee training programs. With Conductor Orchestrating Training you can optimize and streamline your employee training tracking system into an intuitive user-friendly interface that takes the tedious hassle out of managing employee training. This will save your company time, money, and countless headaches and will make a huge impact on your business.

Properly educated employees are a requirement of numerous OSHA regulations, and frequent training is essential for a successful business. Employee training also plays an integral role in regulatory compliance. That being said, of course employee training tracking is just as crucial. Assign, organize, and track every aspect of an employee training program with Conductor, an affordable, easy-to-use software package for small businesses, large organizations, municipalities, and hospitals.

With Conductor Orchestrating Training you can:

  • Get easy access to information on staff education and professional development.
  • Create curricula, training programs, employee profiles, and more.
  • Schedule courses, enroll students, and assign tests.
  • Track training, licensures, certifications, and qualifications.
  • Record hire dates, test scores, attendance, and more.
  • Custom filter and view hundreds of reporting options.

Let us take you on a quick tour so you can learn how to standardize your employee training tracking practices with Conductor. During this tour you will:

  • Learn how Conductor Orchestrating Training will transform your employee training program.
  • See how to best utilize this amazingly user friendly software.
  • Explore ways to maximize your budget and minimize wasted time.

Conductor is that vital piece that your businesses current training program is missing, so after the tour check out our free trial and contact us for more information!