In-office Halloween Party Perks

Halloween marks the beginning of a long line of fall and winter holidays, and what better way to bring the workplace team together than to kick off your celebrations right there in the office?

It can get a little dicey when it comes to deciding which holidays and activities are appropriate or conducive to your work environment. But if yours is the type of team that thrives on interaction, collaboration, and sometimes a little good old-fashioned competition, then Conductor has some ideas for you to include in your Halloween party this year!

Costume contests

A costume contest among coworkers gives everyone the chance to show creativity and personality, plus generates a little excitement when you choose a great prize that motivates the whole team to join in! Just to cover your bases, be sure to explain all rules and regulations beforehand. That can mean anything from reiterating the office dress code and how it applies to appropriate costumes, to setting some more fun rules and categories. Try giving each department a theme, or coming up with awards for things like the most creative or eco-friendliest costumes.

Haunted office

Potential decorations are everywhere, including in your office environment. Enlist the help of your employees to make up some Halloween decorations, complete with cobwebs, paper or plastic jack-o-lanterns for longevity, and electric candles! Or, you and the team can use this as an opportunity for a contest as well. Everyone can decorate his or her own office space, and you can all cast votes for the spookiest corner of the building. Just remember to adhere to fire codes and other safety regulations as they relate to your business.

Holiday-inspired menu

If you decide to go all out with a Halloween party, we suggest trying out some new treats to mark the occasion. Or, if enough of your team members are on board, it’s always fun to see what everyone brings for a pot luck breakfast or lunch get-together. Whichever type of celebration you decide to host, in-office meals can be an excellent opportunity to give your employees a breather and check in with everyone.

The holiday season doesn’t have to become an in-office nightmare – make it fun with these and other activities or special workplace events to let your team know you appreciate them and the hard work that they do all year long. And for more on how to motivate or reward your employees, stay tuned to Conductor’s blog!