How training benefits all levels of employees

New hires

A standardized training program greatly helps in onboarding new employees. They will know what is expected of them and feel prepared for their role.

Mid-level hires

Your mid-level hires also benefit from a training program, because they can refresh their skillset on a regular basis. The tracking aspect of Conductor’s employee training tracking software is also helpful because it helps employees who have been with the company for a few years keep track of what training they have completed.

Senior employees

Your senior employees can not only keep their own training current, but they can use the software to track training for junior employees. Conductor’s training tracking software allows managers to access, maintain and manage all employee training metrics in one location. They can retrieve relevant records in a matter of clicks if the need arises.  Sometimes, human resources personnel or senior managers must provide proof of employees’ professional development history, completion of necessary training certifications and specific class attendance records. Conductor’s software allows them to access over 30 reports without the need for software add-ons or manipulating information contained in an external database. The reports are fully customizable for any date ranges, user-defined filter parameters and more, giving you hundreds of options for producing documentation.

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