How to Track Employee Training

In today’s busy corporate world, employee required training can easily be overlooked and extremely overwhelming. Letting this important aspect of your business be ignored can lead to a human resources nightmare. Properly educated and trained employees are not only helpful but are a requirement of many OSHA regulations. In order for businesses to remain competitive and compliant, employee training is crucial. Properly tracking all the information that comes along with it is essential.

By efficiently tracking employee training, employers will be aware of the qualifications and certifications possessed by their staff. This allows employers to focus on more important things inside the business. The best way to track employee training is by having all required documentation in order, staying organized, monitoring performance, and simple registration, delegating and testing. Fortunately, there is software that can do all this and more. With Conductor, Human Resource managers can easily access, maintain and control their employee’s training metrics all in one location. Conductors advanced technology and amazing features allow employers to rid their business of cumbersome spreadsheets and enter the world of simple and organized software.

Track individuals.

The backbone of a good employee training tracking program is an individual profile system Conductors clean and easy to read profile screen organizes all students’ information and tracks all human resource information for each individual. In addition to an organized format, Conductors other profile features like administrative security levels, profile sorting options, quick search tools and email reminders for students make this software as must-have.

Organize your training tools.

The catalog screens’ biggest and best feature is its ability to logically organize all of your training classes, seminars, computer-based training modules, licenses, and certifications. Just like it does for your employees, Conductor creates an easy-to-understand profile for each training item. It also offers the students the ability to enter objectives and notes, which they can view at any time. It provides managers the capability to track expired class sessions as well.

Create and assign training plans.

With the compose screen, you can easily create training course templates. This allows the ability to assign a complete training program with just a few clicks of a mouse. Easy adjustments help training managers ensure students complete their training in the proper order and meet a required score. Conductor will compare scores and alert you if any students do not meet the required criteria.

Delegate and track student courses.

Conductors assign tool easily assigns courses to thousands of students based on common factors. The Course Assignment Maestro can track any item in a students’ curriculum from licenses to certifications. Conductor updates each student’s curriculum, progress, and educational history automatically.


With a single click, Conductor can place multiple students in a specific class session or move students from one session to another. The software tracks how many seats are still available for each session and alerts you as seats are filled. With the automatic close feature, overbooked classes will be a thing of the past.

Record and track scores and attendance.

Tracking attendance and scores is one of the most important aspects of employee training. Making sure it’s done accurately and efficiently is key. Conductor’s easy to use electronic roll and grade book keeps things simple and smooth.

Student portal.

Keeping the students on track and knowledgeable about their progress is another important factor. The Student portal allows individual users to access their current curriculum, plus review and print reports about their educational history and current development.

There are many ways to track employee training but the most efficient way is through digital software. The most efficient and cost-effective is by using Conductor Orchestrated Training. Having superior software like Conductor in place that allows you to track your employee training and produce quality reports. This saves your company a lot of time and puts you and your employees on a road to success. Check out our free trial today!