How to Motivate Employees During Training [5 Tips]

Training employees efficiently and consistently is the key to success. Depending on how extensive the training requirements are for your business, it’s challenging to keep employees motivated until the end when there are so many other important tasks on their plates.

Most employees want to advance their careers and are highly motivated to evolve, but they feel overwhelmed with training and the day-to-day workload. As a manager or leader, it’s vital that you find creatives ways to inspire staff to complete training programs.

Here are five tips to motivate your employees during the training process.

Give regular feedback.

It’s essential that leaders show enthusiasm and offer feedback to employees working through a training program. Open communication works magic in the workplace because it helps employees feel supported and comfortable.

Consider finding fun ways to remind team members about training sessions and offer incentives to complete training modules on time or early. Send out engaging emails and post flyers around the office that reiterate the value the training program offers to those who complete it. If training doesn’t seem like a priority to you, your team will feel the same way.

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Ensure that someone in your office is constantly evaluating your learners and offering continued support along their learning journey. Not only will it show them that management is invested but doing so will remind them that they’re supported.

Keep it exciting.

Training is sometimes overwhelming and challenging, so don’t add boredom to that mixture. Find ways to make your training program unique with varied activities and visuals. Consider adding fun quizzes, videos, and collaborative activities that keep the trainees stimulated throughout lessons.

Consider setting up a brainstorm session with fellow leaders within your company. Begin planning some ways to incorporate more fun and creativity into your training program.

Give incentives and track progress.

Many companies offer certifications, badges, and awards for training accomplishments that employees can share on LinkedIn. There are also other incentive-based programs where employees can earn rewards and points during training. Not only does this make the training fun, but it also creates some excitement and friendly competition.

Go the extra mile by providing prizes to employees with the highest test scores or who complete training before the due date.

Everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well done. Take a few ideas out for a test run, adjusting as needed based on the response.

Make employee training individualized.

Blanket style training doesn’t help employees with focused duties. If your employees are expected to go through the same training as everyone else regardless of their position, they will find a large percentage of that training.

Organize your company’s training program based on job duties, only having employees do training sections that relate directly to their day-to-day. Conductor’s easy to use training tracking program will let you individualize programs, import information for each learner, send emails, and store information.

Emphasize long-term positives.

While rewards are fun and will keep things interesting, the biggest motivator of all should be professional gain. Be specific about how each training activity impacts career opportunities in the future. Not only does training create job security, but it provides essential knowledge and credibility.

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