How to get your employees to buy into training

As a business owner or manager, you’ve probably thoroughly explored the benefits of training your employees with the most advanced software for training employees and tracking that training. But implementing an employee training program that’s sustainable and successful requires that your employees also see the benefits of the training. And that’s up to you. So here are a few ways you can get buy-in from your employees.

First impressions are everything

Anytime you implement a new program in your office, the way you introduce it plays a critical role in its long-term success. Rather than dropping by individual offices and casually bringing up the topic in the breakroom, make sure all employees are told about the new program at the same time in a formal setting. That reinforces the importance of the implementation and ensures no one feels left out of the initiative.

Call a company meeting and make sure everyone can attend. Prepare what you’re going to say so you can pitch the news with deliberate phrasing to strike the proper tone. Make sure you emphasize that the purpose of this new program is to help employees’ jobs easier, not challenge them by putting extra tasks on their plate.

Provide just the right amount of details

Make sure you are clear when providing your employees information that this program will benefit not only them, but the company at large. Give them the big picture first and then address the details. Tell them when the program will start to take effect and any other significant dates related to the implementation.

Leave something behind

Everyone processes news, like changes in the workflow, differently, depending on their personality. Some of your employees will accept your new training program right away. Others will be skeptical or want more details and the ability to provide input. You can appease these people in a few ways. First, make sure you allow time at the end of your presentation for questions. Also prepare a printed summary with bullet points of the new program to hand out to your employees after the presentation, so they have something to look over later. Putting your program’s summary, goals and benefits down on paper also holds everyone, including yourself, accountable for following through.

Use these tips when you decide it’s time to transition your training program to use Conductor Orchestrated Training’s innovative software. If introduced correctly, this upgrade will save your company time and money. Learn more about Conductor with our free trial!