How to evaluate the success of Q1

A fiscal year is split into four quarters, so we are now approaching the end of Q1. The end of a quarter is a great time to evaluate your business’s performance; to see what’s working and what’s not working. But what standards are business owners and managers using to determine the quality of Q1? Here are a things you can take stock of.


Your Google analytics give you a great insight into how online users interact with your website. You can find out what sources lead them to certain pages, what pages cause them to leave the site, what times of day they’re most active on your site, and many other valuable statistics. But these numbers are only valuable to you if you know how to use that information to improve your site’s user experience. Here are a few metrics you’ll find in your analytics.

  • Conversions rate – Your analytics will show you conversions, which means someone taking a desired action on your page. For example, if you have an eCommerce site, a conversion would be a purchase. But to measure the success of your website, you need to know your conversion rate, or the number of people who visit your site that actually become conversions. Simply divide the number of site visits by the number of conversions. If your conversion rate is low—meaning you have lots of people who visit your site but don’t convert—you could add prominent calls-to-action leading visitors to take that desired action.
  • Bounce rate – A bounce means someone leaves your site. You can see the bounce rate for each page and if the user was viewing your site on a mobile or desktop platform. If a certain page has a high bounce rate, you can analyze that page’s layout to see what about the user experience is causing people to leave. Or if, in general, you notice that your site’s pages have high bounce rates when viewed on mobile, you might need to redesign just the mobile version of your site to be more user-friendly.

Employee morale

You should always be analyzing your employee morale, but the end of a quarter is the perfect time to consider any changes you might need to make to improve your company culture. How is internal communication? Do employees understand what is expected of them, and do they feel they are adequately trained to perform these tasks? Upgrading your employee training program can be a great way to improve both employee morale and your bottom line.  If you’re ready to see how Conductor’s employee training software can help your business, we invite you to download our 30-day free trial .