4 Ways to Get Your Learners’ Attention and Keep it

Lets face it, as humans we are easily distracted. Multi tasking employees who have deadlines to meet, projects to complete, and meetings to attend can find it difficult to fully focus. All of these professional and personal distractions can in turn put employee training on the backburner; with so many technological interruptions at employees’ fingertips, training can become a distant priority. Follow these four simple tactics to push through the distraction, get your learners’ attention, and keep it.

Keep it simple.

Don’t overwhelm the brain with useless information and unnecessary complication. Keep it simple! Many people go into employee training expecting it to be futile, boring and confusing. Ensure the training sessions are refreshing and relatable without overwhelming your employees. With the Conductor Orchestrated Training easy-to-use software, managers can create and assign tasks to specific employees throughout the course. This guarantees that employees receive individualized training, not generic information that doesn’t matter to them.

Break up the training sessions.

To keep employees aware and engaged, use 10-minute increments of content, broken up with interactive components like quizzes, games, or a discussion period. In addition to brain breaks, be sure to allow for physical breaks as well. Let your employees periodically get up and move around, enjoy a quick snack, and get outside for some fresh air.

Find interesting ways to engage the brain.

With learning, the rational side of the brain often takes over. Finding ways to tap into the creative side of the brain while learning can be extremely beneficial. Giving the employee training an emotional aspect – whether it’s sad, funny or scary – can go a really long way in cementing the information into the trainee’s memory.

Practice makes perfect.

You have heard the old adage: practice makes perfect. However, in training sessions it’s all about appropriate arrangements. Create a strategic learning program and feature some questions and activities from a previous course into a future lesson. This calculated repetition reinforces pertinent information.

The key to keeping employees focused during training is being innovative. Use a variety of tools and don’t get into the habit of using the same techniques regularly. A varied itinerary and fresh content grabs learners’ attention as well as reinforces retention. User-friendly software tools like Conductor Orchestrated Training keep things interesting for the learner and organized for managers, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of every session.