Four unexpected ways employee training can benefit your company

When you consider reasons to have a well-documented employee training program in place, your mind might jump to the legal ramifications of being unable to prove your workforce is properly trained should a governing body like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) stop by for an unannounced inspection. But are many other benefits to implementing a robust employee training plan using innovative tracking software like Conductor Orchestrating Training.

Internal communication

Good internal communication is key to a business running smoothly. One way you can encourage that in your company is to ensure all your employees are trained to the same standards. Employees generally arrive at your company from a wide range of backgrounds, which can hinder collaboration. Including extensive training as part of your onboarding process ensures all your employees use the same methods, best practices and terminology, so they can better communicate with one another.

Employee retention

Internal communication is just one factor that contributes to a high company moral, and a positive moral and supportive culture leads to better employee retention. Employees are more likely to stay with your company if they enjoy their time in the office and respect their colleagues. But furthermore, employees are less likely to leave if they know that you’ve invested in them. Giving them the opportunity to enroll in job-related training to help them advance increases their loyalty to your company.


If your company deals with chemicals, harmful substances or heavy equipment, it is critical that your employees are trained to a certain standard. Having documented training can not only reduce workplace accidents, but it can save your company from legal battles with employees. And just because there aren’t obvious hazards associated with working in your industry doesn’t mean your employees shouldn’t be trained in safety best practices. Injuries can occur under the most random of circumstances, so it’s always best to be overly cautious.

Customer satisfaction

There is a correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. When employees are trained and motivated, not only are they capable of better serving your customers, but they are inspired to go the extra mile to delivering your product or service as best they can.

Training your employees and tracking that training using innovative software like Conductor Orchestrating Training has numerous other benefits, as well. If you’re ready to try it out and see how it can help your company, download our free trial today!