Effective Refreshers for Employee Training

Everyone learns differently. Some just need to hear information to absorb it, while others require a visual aid or written notes. In any case, your employees will all adopt their own strategies during training sessions.

But what about when a month or two passes between courses and you want to hold a random refresher, just to keep everyone on the same page and the business running smoothly? Finding some method that will be beneficial and appealing for everyone in the workplace can be difficult, but your employee training and tracking experts at Conductor have a few ideas to get you started.

Game day

While you might not normally think of using games as a learning exercise in the office, they can actually be quite effective in helping your employees hang onto vital information passed on during training sessions. A few great options for jogging someone’s memory include group crossword puzzles, hangman, or hosting a trivia challenge. You can even come up with a matching game using simple materials like Post-it notes as your cards.

Another way to reinforce key concepts from training using a game is to have your employees do the legwork and come up with the activity themselves. Not only will they be participating, but they’ll have to know the correct answers and details in order to create a game that actually serves its purpose. As long as it helps keep your employees at the top of their game, a little play at work never hurt.

Cheat sheets

If you don’t have the time to organize a game or two, you can always craft a cheat sheet of some kind for employees to keep at their desks. That way, if they need to refer back to something from a training session, it’s literally right there in front of them. And it doesn’t have to be a literal sheet of paper. You could go the digital route and send out PDFs or Word documents, or even just put it all in an email and let your employees decide how they want to access it in the future.

Employee-hosted webinars or panels

Sometimes a friendly discussion with your peers is the best way to conceptualize the things you’ve learned elsewhere. Like we suggested earlier with having your employees come up with an in-office game to recall training items, panels or webinars can be a huge help for those that find it helpful to talk through the information learned in training courses. And, this sort of activity also opens the door to talking through other in-office items. After all, if you’ve got everyone together in one place, why not clear the air?

Training isn’t a “one and done” checklist item, and it’s always going to register differently with each employee. But if you keep things fresh and active with varying strategies, it’s more likely to stick! Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful tips on keeping ahead of the learning curve.