Avoid Wasting Time on Unnecessary Employee Training with These Six Steps

Let’s face it; employee training can be a tedious and taxing process. Today’s employees are very busy and often overwhelmed, so it can be tough to carve out enough time for training.

So, if they are making an effort, ensure they are not wasting their time. Don’t make your team spend hours of their day on training that isn’t relevant to them. Maximize everyone’s efforts by incorporating these six tips into your team training strategy.

Reinforce the benefits.
Ensure your employees know the value and benefits of employee training courses. Explaining what’s in it for them and how it impacts their future, helps motivate and keep them engaged. If they know that the classes encourage workplace development, improve skills, and make them more desirable employees, they are more likely to put forth the maximum effort.

Provide small increments of information at a time.
Too much detailed information at one time will cause employees to become overwhelmed, and they will quickly lose interest. To keep your team fully engaged, break the news down into small, manageable portions.

Make sure it can be accessed outside of the office.
Most employees will not want to waste precious hours worrying about training. Create a training system that is easily accessed on the go. This way, employees with initiative can work on their training sessions while sitting at soccer practice or during their morning commute, rather than compromising their workload.

Utilize quizzes.
In a study done by Harvard researchers, students who were quizzed took more notes and reported that their minds wandered less. Another finding showed that students who were tested after each segment indicated they were less anxious. The researchers believe that this is because the testing at the end of each section, acts as an incentive for students to focus and work harder because they know they’ll have to answer questions.

No one wants to spend hours re-taking training courses. If employees know they are going to be tested on the material, they will do their best to learn and retain the content to avoid do-overs. The quicker they pass, the faster they can get back to their day.

Track your employee’s efforts.
Behind every good training program is an even better tracking system. Tracking employee training will give you an idea of whether or not the training is even working, or if some tweaks need to be implemented in the next round of sessions. It will also highlight areas where individual employees may be struggling.

Conductor Orchestrated Training puts all the tools you need to measure employee development in one place. With Conductor, you can pinpoint individual training issues, ensure employees have successfully completed training, and keep your staff motivated. Using a superior tracking system will assist in efficiently gathering the data and utilizing this information to perfect your courses.

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Ask for feedback.
The employees taking these training courses can be your best tool in making your program more effective. People can provide valuable insight into how they learn best, what information they need to know, and what information they don’t need.

Your staff’s time is extremely valuable, but so is high-quality employee training. Using these six simple strategies will help you develop resourceful, relevant, and useful programs that actually get used and make a difference in the workplace.

Quality software like Conductor paired with a good training program allows you to track your employee training and produce quality reports. This puts your company and its employees on the path to success and will enable you to reap the benefits of training, now and in the future. Take a quick tour today!