5 Tips to Motivate Employees to Complete Their Training

Training employees consistently and efficiently is the key to a company’s success. While we know it’s important, the reality is that it’s difficult to get employees to do it. Because of long to-do lists inside the office and out, training often falls to the bottom of the list.

The good news is that most employees don’t want open tasks hanging over their heads. Most employees want to advance their careers and are highly motivated to make progress. So as managers, what is the best way to inspire our staff to complete these sometimes pesky but always necessary training programs? Lucky for you we have five ways to motivate your employees to complete their training and take it seriously.

Give regular feedback

If your employees are working diligently to complete their training and aren’t getting any feedback, they won’t stay motivated. If you can’t be bothered to communicate with your staff about training, it won’t seem important to the company. If it’s not a priority for you, it will not be important to your staff. There is nothing motivating about busy work, and if they sense their efforts are fruitless they’ll put training on the back burner. Ensure that someone in your office is assessing your learners consistently and giving them feedback about their progress. Not only will it reiterate that you’re involved, they’ll also receive constant reminders of why they are on this training journey. With Conductor’s easy to read and organized employee profile screen, these essential meetings will run quickly and efficiently for the both of you.

Keep it interesting 

While training can be intense, it doesn’t have to be boring. Do not make your employees suffer by pushing the same old dull training programs onto them. Employees want to learn but they also want to be engaged while they do it. Take some time to add variety and spice into your program. Add videos or create a built-in learning game. It’s easier than you might think. Making your training interactive will keep the content stimulating and fresh.

Give rewards and track progress

Many organizations offer social certifications and badges so their training accomplishments can be shared on professional social sites. There are also other incentive based programs where employees can earn rewards and points during training. Not only does this make training interactive and appealing, it creates a workplace buzz. Hold in-office contests and offer promotions or prizes to the winners. The bottom line is that everyone needs to be rewarded for a job well done. There are many ways to do this—experiment until you find a way that works for you and your staff and go with it.

Make the training individualized

Blanket style training that covers everyone doesn’t actually help anyone. If your employees are expected to to go through the same training as everyone else regardless of their duties or position, they will find that a good percentage of the training is of no use to them. This can kill the momentum behind the training, and make it hard to get employees interested in future sessions. Divide your training program up accordingly to make the subject matter applicable to each individual’s job. Conductor’s easy to use tracking program will let you individualize programs, import information for each learner, send emails and store information.

Emphasize the long-term positives

While rewards are fun and can keep things interesting, the greatest motivator of all should be the professional gain that employees are getting. Be clear about how each training activity impacts their career possibilities. It provides them with knowledge and credibility. Not only does this create job security but opens many doors inside of the office and out.

Participating in training is like exercising or eating healthy. We know it’s good for us but we don’t always want to do it. However, it’s essential to a company’s and employee’s professional health. As with exercising and eating healthy, training provides many benefits that can take some time to be seen. But with a little hard work and motivation, it will help us tremendously. With the Conductor Orchestrated Training program you can take the time out of overwhelming and tedious training tracking and apply it to making your current training exciting and fresh. Good luck, and have fun!