5 Reasons Why Tracking Employee Training is Essential

We all know that employee training is key to running a successful business. Unfortunately, it does little good to train your employees if you aren’t keeping track of it. Good managers need to know what courses their employees have completed and how many hours they have received. In many industries, keeping accurate records is legally required. So not only is it beneficial to keep these records, it’s often mandatory.

Thanks to quality training tracking software, you can record everything from tracking certifications to compliance training, while also managing onboarding seamlessly and accurately. Below are five reasons why tracking employee training is essential for your organization.

Onboarding New Employees

Most employee training happens during the onboarding process. Good tracking software helps to ensure you are setting your new employee up for success. With proper training they are being equipped with vital information they need for their new position. With good tracking software you are equipped with making sure they are properly trained. You are giving your new employees and yourself the tools to be good at their job. With an organized training tracking program, you can create a standardized checklist to keep you and your employees stay on track.

Safety & Compliance

Well-trained employees improve the quality of your operations and minimize safety risks. Completed training and organized records that track this can limit your company’s liability in case of an accident. Proper documentation demonstrates that you are doing everything you can to stay compliant and keep your employees properly trained.


Continued education is often required within many fields. This keeps workers up to date on new technologies, safety procedures, and skills within the industry. Properly tracking employee’s continuing education helps you and company stay current and it protects the business owner from liability. With superior training tracking software, you can organize your system to recognize who is up for renewal, ensuring your employees are in compliance and your business stays of trouble.

Increased Employee and Motivation

Training helps employees feel like they are learning and progressing rather than feeling stuck. Education and development makes employees feel valued and creates a relationship of trust and loyalty. Tracking this progress keeps you and your employees “in the know” about training status. Seeing progress, reaching goals, and receiving reminders through software is a huge motivator.                                                               

Accurate Data for Reviews and Promotions

There is always more to training and tracking it than just requirements and compliance. The most successful companies offer continuing education opportunities for growth and development as well. Regular training helps create leaders within your organization. Using tracking software allows mangers to set internal goals for their team and track what steps employees take to achieve their goals.

Keeping all your training records in one place with tracking software lets your organization’s leaders see a full picture of training. With a good program you can pinpoint individual training issues, run reports to prove compliance, ensure employees have completed training, and keep your staff motivated. While improving your system may seem like a daunting task, Conductor makes it easy. Conductor can help in saving your organization time and money, improve training, and ensure compliance. Try it today!