5 Leadership Skills that Help Boost Productivity

As a manager or senior member of the staff, you probably feel a lot of pressure to keep your team motivated and effective. After all, it’s your job to encourage productivity and make both the company and your employees the best they can be, all while doing your part to keep customers or clients happy and loyal to your business.

So how do you pull off such a tough feat? It sounds daunting, but you already have the tools you need – otherwise, you wouldn’t be in a management position to start with. It’s time to call on your key skills and use them in a way that keeps your department running efficiently, and lets your employees feel valued in the workplace. To that end, we’ve pulled together five of the leadership skills you need to boost productivity and improve company culture all at the same time.


You didn’t get to where you are without making a few tough calls. So when it comes time to be the tie-breaker, don’t hesitate. Your team needs to know that you can keep everything moving by removing the roadblocks, as it were. And when they know that you have their backs, and will support their work on your end, they’ll probably start being a little more decisive on theirs, too.

An analytical mind

While this skill may not be the one you think of when it comes to connecting with your employees, it’s the one you need to do your part in keeping the machine running. Creativity has its time and place, but as a manager, you deal more in the processes that enable it. Keep that analytical mind sharp by balancing budgets, thinking ahead to up-selling your company’s services, and keeping an eye on the overall efficiency of your team’s processes.

Seeing the bigger picture

Since you’ve climbed the ladder yourself, you know that it’s only a matter of time before your best employees do the same. So it’s important you invest the time and training now, to help them get to that point and secure better skills for your company to use in the future.


Every good manager or leader has a system. Otherwise, he or she would never be able to get anything done! If you see some discrepancies in how your team is organized, offer a hand in getting it back on track. Be sure to do so in a respectful way that says you’re open to a discussion of how things should go moving forward, so your employees know that this is a group effort, not a hostile takeover.

Time management

Scheduling is important, no matter what job title you hold. And if you’re in a position that means you’re in control of any type of schedule, then you’re at an advantage to help your employees or colleagues to maintain a productive one of their own. Offer to sit down with your team and discuss any issues its members have found with the schedule and work as a team to employ the skills you have in creating and sticking to an optimized calendar or task list.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Of course you are – you already have everything you need! And if you decide you want to hone these skills in others in your office, check out Conductor’s training and tracking programs. Because the more of your coworkers have the means to make the workplace more productive, the better!