3 Tips for Evaluating your Employee Training Program

As your team grows you will quickly learn that an employee training program can make or break your business. A well-designed employee training program will improve employee engagement, increase learning retention, and reduce turnover. Assessing your businesses training efforts can help your managers make smart decisions about guiding employees, making your employees happier, and your business more successful. Continually evaluating employee training programs will ensure your employees are on a positive career journey with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. Here are three tips for evaluating your employee training program.


When it comes to evaluating your training program, don’t forget one of the easiest ways to gather information – just ask. Include your entire team, including management, and focus on feedback for specific roles rather than each individual employee. The more feedback you gather, the easier it will be to see what your staff finds effective and what they feel is lacking. As you assess this information, design your training program to stimulate feedback. Utilize other ways to gather this information as well, such as surveys, meetings, and performance reviews.

Gather data.

Use crucial data to maximize your employee training program. Design your program to include data gathering tools that include performance reviews, benchmarks, and more. Better yet, look into employee training tracking software that does it all for you. Track attendance and test scores for classroom training, seminars, licenses, certifications and more with Conductor Training’s electronic roll and grade book. With software like Conductor, all electronic training information is automatically recorded and complied to automatically update students’ progress, history and reports.

Recognize the triumphs and trials

You now have your employee feedback and data – what is the next step? It is crucial to thoroughly review this information and use it to identify your training program’s triumphs and trials. Quarterly review sessions will be essential for this. Every three months is the perfect time frame for these reviews. With a training tracking software program like Conductor, hundreds of reports will be at your fingertips, making this review process easier and more streamlined. Conductor provides over 30 reports without the need for software add-ons or manipulating information.

To be able to efficiently evaluate your training program, tracking software is a must. Conductor helps organizations track training and e-learning to maximize performance while minimizing costs. Visit our website now for a quick tour, or complete our online form for a free trial.