Training Tracking Software for Managing Employee Education, Training, Licensure and More!

The Best Software for Tracking Employee Training Programs

Conductor® employee training tracking is the most trusted system on the market. Organize and track each aspect of an employee training program with Conductor‘s affordable, easy-to-use software package.

• Easy Access to Information on Staff Education and Professional Development
• Create Curricula, Training Programs, Employee Profiles and More
• Schedule Courses, Enroll Students & Assign Tests
• Track Employee Training, Licensures, Certifications and Qualifications
• Record Hire Dates, Test Scores, Attendance and More
• Custom Filtering & Hundreds of Reporting Options

Conductor® takes the hassle out of managing and tracking employee training information. Many companies are frequently bombarded with requests for employee training records from surveyors, auditors, upper management and staff members. Oftentimes, managing a training program takes up time businesses would much rather devote to other tasks. Finally, training tracking software that works for you!

Ready to improve your company's training program and make your administrative job easier at the same time with an affordable, easy-to-use training tracking system?

Conductor training tracking software combines Employee Tracking, Curriculum Develpment, Curriculum Design, Training Scheduling, Training Tracking, Training Registration and Reporting all in one affordable, easy-to-use training tracking software package.